Reel Service Center

UPDATED 1/2023 is currently a sub-division of Scott's Bait & Tackle and a Penn Warranty Center for fishing reels.

Penn Warranty Center Info

Full info here:

"PENN Fishing Tackle Mfg. Co. warrants its Products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage or malfunctions caused by accident, abuse, or normal expected wear. If your PENN Product has a defect within the terms of the warranty you should return it to us, or to your local warranty center, please select the Repair Department link in the navigation for instructions. All shipping and insurance costs and transportation arrangements will be borne by you and are your responsibility. We will repair or replace the Product, at our option, without further cost to you, (including free return transportation and insurance). If, however, the repair is not covered by the provisions of this warranty, your PENN Product will be repaired and returned to you at a reasonable charge for labor, parts and return transportation and insurance."

What we need from you for warranty reels:

  • Your WARRANTY Reel(s) (Please make sure you properly package and insure your reel. We recommend you send your reels to us via UPS so that the shipment can be tracked and we can verify receipt of your goods.)
  • Please contact us and give us the tracking info for the reel when you send it to us, thank you. (Warranty reel repairs ONLY)
  • Completed Repair Form (See link below to start creating one in our online catalog). (Warranty reel repairs ONLY)
  • Include purchase receipt for the reel with the shipment or we will be unable to process it for warranty service. (Warranty reel repairs ONLY)
Again, This warranty does not cover damage or malfunctions caused by accident, abuse, or normal expected wear. For warranty service to apply, it must be a new reel with it's purchase receipt in order to be approved. Penn's warranty's are limited.

Penn Reel Repair (Covid Restrictions Apply)

Please contact us CUSTOMERSERVICE@MYSTICPARTS.COM for instructions prior to sending in you Penn reel for regular repair/service (DO NOT CALL FOR APPROVAL, use the contact system)
This is required so that we can review the problem(s) with the reel(s) and determine repairs can be made. Some older parts may not be available, and we would like to save customers the expense of postage/insurance or driving here to drop off a reel that is not fixable.

We do offer a very limited (requires pre-authorization by us) Reel Repair / Servicing.

Mail-ins for repair are PENN Warranty Service only (See above). We are no longer accepting regular repairs for Penn reels by mail in, these repairs are now drop off only.

DROP-OFF/PICK-UP: If you are within the Tri-State area and you would like to drop off and pick up your reels including models that are not made by Penn, you may still do so.
We have not been accepting these reels other than Penn as mail-ins since fall of 2016.
Anyone who called ahead or contacted us via the contact form for the required prior authorization would have been informed that regular reel repair is a drop off/pick up scenario only.
CURBSIDE ONLY! No one is allowed entry to the store due to Covid19. If you have contacted CUSTOMERSERVICE@MYSTICPARTS.COM and gotten approval to drop off, please call us from the parking lot to say that you are there and we will arrange to bring in your reel(s). We do not want reels left outside unattended.
PICK-UP: The same procedures apply when your reels are completed and you are picking up. Call ahead to 1-609-488-4637 to make arrangements.

Turnaround Time

Winter 2023: Please note that current repair turnaround time is approximately 3+ weeks

Click here for other repair services that you can use in the meantime! or contact your local bait and tackle shops to have them direct you to local repair services.

Read on for rates and repair forms

Reel Clean / Lube Rates (Per Reel)

Evaluation Fee: $5.00 per reel fee for evaluation - due even if reel(s) are not repairable. Paid at time of reel dropoff or mail in.
PLUS Clean & Lube Fee:
NOTE: Extensive service requiring additional cleaning or unusual/excessive repair may be subject to additional service charge. This is designated in the labor rates below as REG. for Regular C&L and EXT. for Extensive C&L. Reels that are extremely corroded, completely siezed up, full of salt and/or rust, etc., may be subject to additional higher labor fees.
REEL TYPE REG. (plus Eval Fee) EXT. (plus Eval Fee)
Standard spinning & conventional reels $22 $29
More complicated reels (Penn: Conquer, Fathom, Defiance, Squall, Int. Baitcasters, Line Counters, Formulas) $29 $34
International series (excluding Baitcasters) $37 $42
International 2 Speed Reels Please send to Penn  
LL Live Liner Reels Please send to Penn  
PLUS Parts for Reel Repair ( If Any ) - Variable:
For some repairs the price of parts are as low as $1-$10, others may be high enough to require an estimate first. If you wish to be contacted for an estimate before repairs begin on a specific reel, please include that information on the service form.
*Parts that have to be ordered will have an additional $5.00 charge applied to offset postal delivery fees.
PLUS Shipping:
UPS Ground shipping/handling beginning at $20.00 depending on weight/address.
Repair orders may invoiced via our online system. We do accept cash on pickup. Curbside service ONLY, no entry.
Clean and lube, parts, etc. are billed when service is completed.
USA Customers Only.
We are sorry, but we no longer offer reel repair services for customers outside of the United States.

What we need from you for regular servicing/repair of reels:

    Include detailed information about each reel and it's issues as well as full contact info to reach you.
  • Payment for the initial evaluation fee for your reel(s).

If you are sending in a PENN REEL FOR REGULAR SERVICE/REPAIR, and have gotten prior approval as stated above: Please use the link here to [CREATE YOUR REPAIR FORM] via our online catalog to send in with your reel(s) to be serviced.

NOTE: If you do not have a printer, you still must create the order in the online catalog (or call us to set it up for you) for your reel repair. You can write down the order number and your name on a slip of paper to send in with your reels.


DIY Self Repair

We carry an extensive supply of Penn Reel Parts. We also have wrenches, greases/cleaners/lubricants, schematics, and rebuild tips/tutorials.
Most in-stock items ship within 1 business day.
You can order parts/supplies and view schematics to fix your Penn Reel by navigating our PennParts Dept in our online catalog.

There are repair articles in our Help Desk which can also assist you.

Please, call us at 1-609-488-4637 or [Contact Us] if you need technical support for repairs. We will do our best to assist you with your reel repair. We specialize in Penn reels, but may be able to help with basic repairs for other models. ~Staff at MRP


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