49L Handle Side Plate Assembly


By Maureen Albertson
Penn Parts Dept.
©Mystic Reel Parts

Some of the photos are a little blurry, as I was shooting this free handed rather than using a stand.

Bridge screws inserted into handle side plate and taped to hold them in place during assembly.

Initial placement of 19-49 eccentric and 20-155 eccentric spring. Hold those in place with two fingers and flip over to install lever.

Put lever on upside-down (with the knob pointing up). Hold the eccentic and spring tightly in place and turn lever to the right until it's just past the second screw hole in the plate, standing upright (be careful not to turn the lever too far). At this point the eccentric will stay in place while you flip the lever over to it's correct position with the knob down and screw it down tightly. Test lever to make sure that it's working.

Do not turn lever too far or the spring ends up in the wrong position! It should be just past the edge of the second hole in the plate, as shown. Test lever to make sure that it's working.

Initial placement of 19-60 and 20-60L. Note that the spring is NOT yet installed in it's final position. It's loose all the way up at the plate edge. Hold those in place with two fingers and flip over to install lever.

Make sure to hold eccentric/spring firmly up in the plate, plase lever in normal position with the knob pointed down and screw into place LOOSELY.

Use screw driver or bearing removal tool (mine is an icepick with a bent/flattened tip) to pull the spring into position. DON'T pull or push too hard or spring will shoot out! Hold the spring by the ring as close to the plate edge as possible. Hook and pull the spring down until the tag end drops into position. Now tighten the lever screw the rest of the way. Test lever to make sure that it's working.

Picture of working eccentrics.

Screenshot: Standard Position (Just to show positioning)

Screenshot: In Freespool (Just to show positioning)

NOTE: For the sake of less parts to mess with, for this demo I am not putting the drag stack in.

Insert the bridge assembly as shown.
Install dog and dog spring, with eccentric in the freespool position. I taped the dog/spring after installing them to prevent it from jumping loose before I am ready to finish the bridge installation.

Open the top eccentric (19-60). Install clutch springs, pinion gear with yoke and the eccentric jack. Hold eccentric assembly down and swivel the bridge around to line up with the bridge screws. Hold snug, flip over, remove the tape on the bridge screws and begin tightening them to about halfway.

At that point, remove the tape on the dog/dog spring, then complete tightening the screws.

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