Bail Wire Catching/Not Closing


By Maureen Albertson
Penn Parts Dept.
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Common Repair Problems - Spinning Reels

Bail Wire Catching/Not Closing

Two things can cause the bail wire to not close or catch.

  • The bail spring is either broken or not installed correctly.
  • The bail wire itself is bent out of shape.

When the bail wire is catching/hitting the rotor turning some of the revolutions, this is a sign of the bail wire being bent. It is likely to cause binding from the tension of the bail wire rubbing against the rotor and the bail arm.

Remove the bail screw on the opposite side from the bail arm/line roller. The bail wire will spring away from the side of the rotor.

You need to reshape the bail wire by bending it with your palms so that in the relaxed position it sits where it needs to be. The screwhole in the bail wire should line up with the screw hole in the side of the rotor.

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