SS Reels: 750SS/850SS Main Gear Change


By Maureen Albertson
Penn Parts Dept.
©Mystic Reel Parts


Penn has discontinued the older version 8-750 and has subbed it to the newer 8N-750. However, the newer version uses different handle pin/collar setup: 16N-850 and 15G-750. See also KIT8N-750 conversion kit.

THE DIFFERENCE?? The original gear required an entirely different handle pivot in order to switch between right/left hand use. The newer gear and pivot can be used for either. To tell the difference between older gears, look at the long end of the gear shaft. On the older gear, the threads for the pivot go all the way up to the lip. On the newer gear, they are around 1/4" down in the shaft. The older pivot WILL NOT fit in the newer gear, nor will the older handle collar fit on the newer pivot (the thread diameters are incompatible).

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