Penn 113h/114h Rebuild

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113H Parts: 113H Schematics and parts 114H Parts: 114H Schematics and parts

Here's the short version.....

1. First, assemble the bridge, main gear, drag washers and all metal washers up to and including the tension spring (#8A) and set this aside. If you grease the drag washers, it will not fall apart.

2. Start with a bare side plate. Install the eccentric, the eccentric spring and the eccentric lever (freespool lever). No problem here, right?

3. There are four bridge screws. Two are threaded at just the tip. the clutch springs ride up and down on these. Two are threaded the entire length. Don't mix them up.

Insert the four bridge screws.

Cover two screws with your left index finger, cover two with your left middle finger. The side plate should be oriented so that the free spool lever is closest to the palm of your hand.

NOTES BY MizMo: Easier than holding the screws in place with your fingers.
Using removable scotch tape (Magic Tape), tape over the bridge screws on the outside to hold them. This frees up your hands to work on the inside parts. MUST be removable tape.

Note that you can now flip over the site plate and play with the guts of the reel without the screws falling out. You do not need to use masking tape anymore.

4. Flip the side plate over and look at the empty guts. Install the clutch springs.

Install the pinion gear and yoke as a unit.

Install the eccentric jack.

Install the bridge/main gear/drag assembly. orient the bridge plate to it's final position just to get your bearings. Now rotate the bridge plate 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

Install the dog.

Rotate the bridge plate clockwise until it covers three of the bridge screws. Now continue to rotate the bridge plate until it covers just half of the last and final bridge screw.

See the small gap??????? This is where the dog spring goes. Take a deep breath. Hold it. Now insert the dog spring in through the gap and gently push it down into position with your index finger. Be careful not to let it fly off into neverland. ok, it's in. Breathe.

NOTES BY MizMo: Here is another place where removable tape can help you.
Using removable scotch tape (Magic Tape), tape over the dog and spring once you have them positioned. Then when you rotate the bridge into position, gently slide out the tape. MUST be removable tape.

6. Rotate the bridge plate clockwise until it lines up with the bride screws. Hear the click?

Cinch down each screw. check to see that the freespool lever works. check the anti-reverse mechanism. When the reel is finally assembled

You need to make sure you can get 20#'s of drag. If not, one of the keyed metal washers is probably not seated properly. You have to do this all over again.

Copyright © Alan Tani Reprinted with permission of the author.

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