Reel Identification Guide and How to Look for Design Change Info By Maureen Albertson
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Identifying the model of the Penn reel that you are working on is crucial. Otherwise, you could end up ordering incompatible parts. This section is designed to help you with identification problems. MENU: Spinning Reels - Conventional Reels - Design Changes, watch out!

Spinning Reel Identification


A big issue that we see with parts getting ordered incorrectly is from reels with multiple generations/versions. The problem spinning series are: Powergraph, Captiva, SS reels, and the original Spinfisher series.

To prevent mixups, look over your reel carefully.

Model numbers are on the sides of the housing/body of the reel, and on the spool. Be careful about looking at spools, as newer version spools can often be used on older reels and cause confusion with the parts in the rest of the older reel.


SS Reels:
Say you are looking at an older 550SS reel, with a newer 550SSg spool on it. Looking at the spool would cause you to order the wrong parts for the reel. Most of the newer parts from an SSg reel wouldn't fit on an older SS reel.

Generational issues in the SS reels can cause problems, as parts are not all compatible.

Back to our 550SS reel sample. There is also a 5500SS, the 550SSg and the most current generation, the SSV5500.

If decals are missing from the body of the reel, check inside the body of the reel, after removing the gears, and look for a housing number stamped in the body. Rotor cups may also have numbers inside the cup or on it's underside.

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700 Series Reels:

This series has some very specific notes. This is for the Green, Blue, Brown and Black 700 series Spinning reels:
Go here: Identifying your 700 Spinfisher Series Reel
That page can help you narrow down the size of the Spinfisher.

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Powergraph Reels:
There are FOUR generations of the Powergraph reel.

  • Powergraph™ (All you see on the housing is Powergraph and the small trademark symbol)
  • Powergraph II
  • Powergraph III
  • Powergraph V
    (We don't know why it skips from III to V)

While there are some parts in common, many are different, so accurate identification is a MUST!
Look at the text on the body of the reel to determine which version you have before order parts.

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Captiva Reels:
There are TWO generations of the Captiva Reel. This photo makes the differences glaringly obvious. The older CV8000 reel has the information on the body, whereas the newer does not. You can see the CV2 8000 number on the spool in this comparison.

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Conventional Reel Identification


Start by taking a look at the side plates of the reel, as on most of the older conventionals that is where the model information is located. Some models have a cross bar with the model number, and in newer reels, a housing frame that is labeled. If the reel does not say Penn in any way at all, it is likely a China/Japan knock off. Ocean City reels are not Penn, either, but were started by a gentleman who worked there, so they did look like the old Penn reels.

Not listing all of the larger models here just a sample of sizes. Identifying Senator reels:

Older Senator reels may just say 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 6/0, rather than having the model number on them. Those reels are standard senators:

  • 110 1/0
  • 111 2/0
  • 112 3/0
  • 113 4/0
  • 114 6/0
  • They would have dark, maroonish red plates or black plates.

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Special senators came later and have the model number with the H added to it:

  • 112H 3/0
  • 113H, 113HL, 113HLW 4/0
  • 114H, 114HL, 114HLW 6/0
  • They would have brigher red plates.

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The newer Senators are made in China, and have the H2 and L2 numbering system:

  • 112H2 3/0
  • 113H2, 113H2LW 4/0
  • 114H2, 114H2LW 6/0
  • 115L2 9/0
  • They would have brigher red plates (Special H2) and black plates (L2).

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Watch out for worn numbering!

Example, the old Longbeach reels can get mixed up if the numbers are worn.
66 vs 68

Design Changes to Reels...

... and how to spot them in our website.

We have notes scattered throughout the reel part sections regarding design changes made by Penn. Some are very small, and might be only found in the detailed description of a specific part, so be sure to read the details, if any.
To see an example of this: Use the Search option to search part number 43N-750. When the part loads in the search page, click on it's link. In the detailed description, you will see that Penn mades some changes.

Other design changes are larger, and are marked by a large red logo that says "STOP! Read before you order!".
To see an example of this in the catalog, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Penn Parts Dept." at the top of the website.
  2. On the left hand menu there, click on "Conventional Reel Parts".
  3. On the blue menu of reels, click on "Levelmatic".
  4. You will see 4 rows, one for each reel, click on the little cart button for ordering parts, in the row for the 930 reel.
  5. Near the top of the list of parts, you will see the "STOP!" icon. Click the link with the icon, or the link next to it that says "930 and 940 Design Change for Older models"
  6. This takes you to details about the design change.

There are many of these notes about changes throughout the catalog, as well as some notes within individual parts screens in their "Description" section above the item purchasing buttons.

We are also trying to add notes about the design changes to the schematics, so watch for notes in the schematics, as well. Not all changes are noted at this time.

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