Penn 420SS/430SS Repair Walk-Through


By Maureen Albertson
Penn Parts Dept.
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We've gotten many emails about how to assemble certain parts of the older SS reels, so we are doing a breakdown of the 430SS as a sample to help with re-assembly of these reels. Right now, this SS section is only a couple of pics, taken in a hurry while working on a problem for a customer.

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General reel repair tip - keep your parts in groups as you take them off - it makes reassembly much easier when you are done.

The assembled clutch and pinion gear, to give you an idea of the positioning of each part. Note how the eccentric spring is tucked with the long arm down into the corner of the housing. There is a spot there with two tiny supports that it can set into.

Remove the bail wire to work on the bail spring. You can remove just that side if wished. The bail spring shown here with the cover still on and the bent end sticking up. When reinstalling, this is where it should bee when you reattach the bail wire.

The assembled cam arm. Difficult getting pictures of this unassembled, as the parts won't stay put (I will try again later when I have more time to add this section). The trip lever end should appear as shown. The cam lever, down in the side under the black cover, should be angled against the other end of the trip lever with the arm of the cam pushing the end of trip. The trip spring bent end fits onto the grooved end of the cam lever. The long end of the spring fits into the groove in the rotor cup between trip and cam levers.

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