International VS or GLD Reel Not Shifting?

Penn Parts Dept.
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If you are having difficulty getting any of these reels to shift:

      16VS, 16VSX 30VSX, 30VSW


    50VSX, 50VSW2, 80VSW, GLD50ii

Check part #23-30VS Handle Screw. If the tines on the screw are bent/broken the reel will not shift correctly.

This is how it happens: when using the 168-30VS wrench, you have to HOLD the wrench still and TURN the RING counterclockwise, NOT the WRENCH. If you turn the wrench, you bend or break the tines on the handle screw as shown in the photo.

How to hold 30VS wrench and shot of problem on 23-30VS screw

Penn bulletin with repair instructions for VS Shift Button Removal

Order parts online for this reel(s):

Order parts online for this reel(s):

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