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Design change after first runs of the SSV series reels

This appears to affect most of the SSV models, our notes may not be complete.
Part availability varies.

The diameter of the hole in the 231- crosswind gear is 5/16" in the one version.
In the other version #231 gears, the crosswind gear I.D. is .23" just under 1/4", and the housings need to match it.

There are different crosswind screws with heads sized to match the holes in the CW gears as well.

The housings also have another difference. The pins on the housing cover and the holes in the housing where it sits changed on the different versions and these are two different sizes. The lower pin is larger.
On the other version, the pins are the same size.

Photo (Example of the 1/4" version on the SSV6500)


REEL LIST - Linked to their part sections - PDFS with design change notes

We used to have this page laid out with info for each model but it was too confusing, so the schematic pdfs have been revised for each reel to make that reel models notes clearer. There are links below to each model's part section and it's revised schematic. Schematics are also in each reels parts section near the top.

ORDER the SSV3500 parts - PDF: SSV3500 pdf

ORDER the SSV4500 parts - PDF: SSV4500 pdf

ORDER the SSV4500LL parts - PDF: SSV4500LL pdf

ORDER the SSV5500 parts - PDF: SSV5500 pdf

ORDER the SSV6500 parts - PDF: SSV6500 pdf

ORDER the SSV6500BLS parts - PDF: SSV6500BLS pdf

ORDER the SSV6500LL parts - PDF: SSV6500LL pdf

ORDER the SSV7500 parts - PDF: SSV7500 pdf

ORDER the SSV8500 parts - PDF: SSV8500 pdf

ORDER the SSV8500LL parts - PDF: SSV8500LL pdf

ORDER the SSV9500 parts - PDF: SSV9500 pdf

ORDER the SSV10500 parts - PDF: SSV10500 pdf

To Clarify: We DO NOT know which version was/is the newer one, so MEASURE PLEASE!

The parts work with each other, but not with the other version, due to the changes in diameters. Inspect your reel carefully, so that you order parts that fit with each other. If your reel has one size and you need to change to the other due to availability, replacing housing or crosswind means changing all 4 parts. PARTS MUST MATCH.

The schematic revisions 10/1/14 that Penn has released did not yet reflect this problem and all of the part numbers involved remain unchanged, even though there are differences in the physical parts.

Schematics have been revised as of March 29, 2024 to reflect all known parts information for each model specifically. ~Staff at MysticParts

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