Rebuild of Penn International Baitcaster

This is an tutorial on how to repair a Penn International Baitcaster Reel.

The Penn International 975 will be used for this tutorial but this will also work for the 965 baitcster as well.

Ok so to open the reel untwist these two screws. They only untwist so far, until they wont come out. There is a rubber gasket on the other side of the screw preventing it from falling out.

Once the side plate is off, the spool also comes out so your left with the three main pieces.

Next, to take the non-handle sideplate off, these three screws need to be taken out.

Now we are looking at the non handle side of the housing, this is what it looks like with the clicker assembley still in the reel. To remove the clicker assembley, just simply take it out of the reel, it is only held in place by the screws you just removed in the previous step.

This is what it looks like once removed.

Here is the clicker assembly removed. As you will notice the top spring is broken and that was the part that needed to be fixed in this reel we were working on. In this instance the clicker was not working.

The clicker assembley is now cleaned and the new spring is properly installed. If you are working on an older baitcaster reel that has this same issue where one of these springs is broken, it is recommended that you replace both of the springs since they are worn out and if one broke, the other is probably close to breaking.

Now it is all greased up and ready to be put back in the reel.

The inside of the housing has been cleaned.

And greased.

The left side plate was cleaned and regreased.

Now we are going to look at the handle side of the reel. To start, take the two center screws off the reel. You will feel the inner plate losen as the screws come off.

Here is what it looks like with the side plate off.

And here it is with the main gear off.

Now all the gears have been cleaned, and the main gear put back into position.

Here is the handle side plate with the washer and anti-reverse berring still in place.

Here they are taken out and cleaned. Just grease up the outside of the berring and put it back into the side plate.

Tighten the two center screws that connect the inner and outer side plates, then screw the two outer screws back onto the housing after you put the spool back in the housing.

At this point just put the handle assembly back on the way you took them off. Always be organized and lay all the components out carefully so that they go back in correctly. And you are done!

Yay not so bad!!!

All greases and oils are available on our website, and these reels are all available on our website and in store to buy!

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