Terms and Conditions

MRP = Mystic Reel Parts (www.MysticParts.com) )
Referred to herein as "MRP Store"

  • NOTICE: As of 5/3/23 We are no longer doing add-ons of any kind to orders already placed, so make sure that you have everything or place a new order.
  • MRP Store values you as a customer and respects your right to privacy. Except as may be otherwise required by law, we will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that your personal information remains confidential and available only to the MRP Store, our employees and shipping agents. We will not sell your personal information to third parties and do NOT send unrequested bulk emailing of advertising.
  • You will be charged the prices quoted for products you have selected for purchase at the time you submit your order at checkout, regardless of price changes at a later time, if any. Prices in the catalog are subject to change without notice.
  • By submitting each order at checkout, you confirm and affirm that you have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions, of the form in which they appear at the time the order is submitted at checkout.

1. Offer and acceptance. By submitting a completed order form, you offer to purchase, on and pursuant to these Terms and Conditions and the order form, the reel parts and other items (collectively, "Product") you select and submit to the MRP Store for purchase via the order form.
We reserve the right to cancel any order without notice if we believe it to be fraudulent or if we cannot supply an item. MRP Store, in their sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, with or without cause or reason.
It shall be in our discretion to accept or reject your offer. If we accept your offer, these Terms and Conditions and the order form collectively constitute a legal agreement between the MRP Store and you governing your purchase of the Product from us via our online shopping services.

2. Responsibilities. If the MRP Store accepts your order, we shall, in return for your payment, provide the Product which you order through the online shopping service. The Product shall be delivered to you at the delivery address you designate. Your payment for the Product and shipping, including sales taxes where applicable and handling fee, is due upon completion of your order on-line. If applicable, we will charge the payment to the payment method which you submit to us once inventory is confirmed. You authorize the MRP Store to make and collect such charge when supplying your payment information. The total amounts you shall pay for the Product per each order shall be the sums of the respective prices for the items you select and submit via the order form, plus all applicable sales taxes and shipping charges, as reported to you as the "TOTAL" in the order form.

3. Product Pricing and Shipping Charges. You will be charged the prices quoted for Products you have selected for purchase at the time you submit your order at checkout, regardless of price changes at a later time, if any. Shipping charges may also change from time to time, however; you will be charged the shipping charges quoted at the time you submit your order at checkout.
Combining Orders that are placed on the same day: If you place multiple orders and they need to be combined to reduce shipping, the order(s) with the shipping reduced will still have the handling fee applied (handling fee still shows on invoice as shipping). We recommend that you take your time ordering to prevent those extra charges from occurring. WE CANNOT COMBINE ANY ORDER WITH ANOTHER IF THE EARLIER ORDER(S) IS MARKED AS SHIPPED.
Adding Items to Order: If you place an order and forgot an item(s), it can be added to the order if it has not yet shipped, but an additional handling fee will ALSO apply.
For International Customers IN CANADA: You are paying cost of items and shipping ONLY; Any customs/duty fees required by Canada’s customs department are the customers responsibility. See also: International Shipping Info> Shipping to Canada is only done with pre-approval, please use the contact form at the bottom of the website to contact us. We are no longer shipping directly to any other countries except for U.S.A and Canada.

4. Communications. The MRP Store shall conclusively presume that online communications received from you through your use of the online order form and registration process are accurate, complete, and authorized by you as received by the MRP Store. You agree not to contest the validity and binding legal effect of those communications.
We may contact you via email with regard to questions or updates about your order.
We hate spam just as much as anyone and refuse to add to the problem, and therefore, we DO NOT send bulk advertising.
We may at some time create notification email lists that customers may choose to sign up for (For example: Notification that a specific reel part is available, or a newsletter, if at such time we create one).

5. Shopper registration and payment. You agree to complete the initial registration process according to the MRP Store requirements stated on the Web site, and to provide the MRP Store with accurate, complete and updated information as required for the initial registration process, including, but not limited to, your legal name, billing and delivery addresses, and telephone number. If the information supplied for billing and shipping is incorrect, cannot be verified and/or is fraudulent, the order will be subject to cancelation.

    • Credit Card: If paying by credit card, you must provide MRP Store with an accurate and complete credit card number and expiration date at the time of submitting your online purchase order. You represent and warrant to the MRP Store that your use of any credit card is authorized and legal. As per government regulations, credit card info is not retained in our online system. If the billing information does not match the card, the order is subject to cancelation.
    • Payment via PayPal.com. This is also accepted, but for international customers, a PayPal verified account is required and payments will not be accepted from non-verified international accounts.
    • Money Orders: As of 2020 due to Covid19 difficulties we are no longer accepting money orders.

6. Delivery. An MRP Store employee shall ensure delivery of the Products to you at a single delivery location you designate that is within the delivery zone authorized by the MRP Store. See our Shipping FAQ for more information on international destinations. Shipping and contact information will be provided to the shipping agent selected by the customer, ie: USPS or UPS, for the purposes of tracking the package.

SHIPPING ADDRESSES: With regard to address information, please BE CAREFUL To enter your address information correctly. We are not responsible for orders that do not arrive due to an incorrectly entered or incomplete shipping address.

  • A) It is the customers responsibility to ascertain that all required information is included in your address. We will NOT reship such an order if it is lost, nor will it be refunded. You would have to reorder and supply corrected information and pay for the order a second time.
  • B) Postal customers, please make sure that the address that you choose to ship to has postal service (there are still some areas that do not) prior to using the address. There will be a reshipping charge if the package is non-deliverable as addressed.
  • C) Therefore, ENTER ALL INFORMATION CAREFULLY, and double check it, at the time the order is placed, to avoid these problems.
  • D) LOSS AFTER DELIVERY TO THIRD PARTY: Customer Beware, Proceed At Your Own Risk! The MRP Store will only accept delivery responsibility directly to the shipping address you have supplied to us. If you chose to ship via a third party shipping company, to a friend, family, etc, we are only responsible up to the point of delivery to that third party shipping address. We are not responsible if the delivery is completed by our shipping company to the third party shipping company or person, and they subsequently lose that delivery before completing their responsibility to you, the customer. We will not reship an order to a third party shipping company that is marked as delivered by USPS or UPS.
    Third Party in this instance is defined as: Family, Friend, Work, Hotel, Postal Store, Freight Forwarding Company, etc., basically any location that is not your home residence.
    NOTICE: As of Sept 2020, shipping to Hotels/Motels will result in order cancelation. All addresses that do not match the billing address are verified prior to processing the order.

7. Substitution/Backorder Policy. Although the MRP Store believes that it will have sufficient inventory to fill your orders, it is possible that certain Products may be unavailable, from time to time. In the event an item you have ordered is temporarily unavailable, the MRP Store will attempt to notify you and will fill the remainder of your order. If a substitution is available, we will contact you to confirm any change. If we cannot obtain an item that is not available, we reserve the right to cancel all or part of an order.

8. MRP Store Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with an item and it has not been used, you may return the unused/undamaged item and a refund will be issued for the price of the item at time of purchase.
Used items or items damaged by the customer are non-returnable. Shipping is non-refundable.

Clothing in packaging that has been opened/damaged is non-returnable as it is no longer sellable.

If we accidentally send an incorrect item, as does occasionally occur, the MRP Store may arrange, in our sole discretion, to retrieve the item at no charge to you for the retrieval.

This does not apply if a customer orders an incorrect item (such as the wrong part for a reel), in which case, it is the customers responsibility to return the item at their cost for exchange/refund. Shipping/handling is non-refundable. A RESTOCKING FEE MAY APPLY!

Order problems must be reported not later than 60 days from receipt.

See the Help Center for more information.

9. Fishing Reel Parts Information. There are extensive notes in our online catalog regarding reel design changes, part changes, etc. The MRP Store will attempt to update Product information as and when changes come to our attention. However, The MRP Store is not responsible for any inaccuracy or misstatement of any such information, as Penn has made design changes over the years without notice. We recommend that you read all Product information and any parts updates/design change notes in the reel sections, prior to placing an order.

10. Disclaimer of warranty. The MRP Store online shopping services are provided on as "AS IS", "AS AVAILABLE" basis, and MRP Store does not provide any assurances of the availability or usability by you of the online shopping services. The MRP Store makes no representations or warranties, whatsoever, as to the substance, or the accuracy or sufficiency thereof, of any Product information listed on the web site.
MRP Store: We are constantly updating the reel parts status in our catalog, and all reel part icons showing availability/status should be 99.9% accurate.
Product warranty, if any, must be done through the manufacturer of the product, with the exception of Penn fishing reel parts and our Penn reel repair service, if warranty is applicable. Any problems with new but defective Penn reel parts may be addressed to us only if the item in question was purchased directly from us. "Defective" meaning damaged or manufactured incorrectly, not applying to a design change problem or mis-ordered part.

11. Limitation of liability. The MRP Store shall not be liable to you for any interception of online communications, software or hardware problems (including, without limitation, viruses, loss of data, or compatibility conflicts), unauthorized use of your credit card, or other consequence beyond the reasonable control of the MRP Store. Any liability of the MRP Store, or its employees, to you for damages, losses and causes of action, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, either jointly or severally, shall be strictly limited to the aggregate dollar amount paid by you to MRP Store in the twelve (12) months (or, if less, such shorter period of your use of the online shopping service) immediately prior to the claimed injury or damage.

12. Confidentiality. The MRP Store values you as a customer and your right to privacy. Except as may be otherwise required by law, the MRP Store (i) will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that your credit card information remains confidential and is available only to personnel who have a need to know such information in connection with providing you with the MRP Store’s online shopping services or otherwise for the MRP Store’s general business purposes and (ii) will not sell your name, address or similar personal information to third parties or permit the use of such information outside the scope of the SBT & MRP Stores' online shopping service or the MRP Store’s general business purposes.

13. Applicable law. These Terms and Conditions and the order form, collectively constituting the sole and entire agreement between the MRP Store and you regarding the online shopping services, are governed by laws of the State of New Jersey without regard to conflict of laws rules. For international customers, it is the customers responsibility to be aware of any laws, customs requirements, duty fees or restrictions, regarding importation of the goods which the customer is purchasing from the MRP Store.

14. Changes to Terms and Conditions. The MRP Store reserve the right to, from time to time, with or without notice to you, in our sole discretion, amend the Terms and Conditions for use and purchases regarding the online shopping services. Any amendments by the MRP Store will be effective only as to orders you place subsequent to our revisions of these Terms and Conditions on the web site to reflect the amendments. It is your responsibility to review the Terms and Conditions prior to submitting each order and MRP Store has no responsibility to notify you of any changes prior to effectiveness of the changes or otherwise.

15. Terms and Conditions Govern. These Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time, shall be the sole terms of the agreement between you and the MRP Store regarding your online purchases. All statements otherwise made on the web site are intended only for your convenience and do not form and are not included in the terms for your purchase.

16. Taxes. NJ Sales is due at the time the order is placed, for NJ customers.
Internet Sales Tax: As of January 2020 forward, in addition to collecting sales tax in NJ, we are adding sales tax for these states:
If you are tax exempt, please send the appropriate tax form to customerservice@mysticparts.com More info on sales tax in our Help Center
This may change as state and federal regulations require it. In the USA, for some states it is currently the customers responsibility to pay any sales tax due in their state if the MRP Store does not have a physical location in that state or is not currently required by law to do so (Internet sales tax is subject to change at any time, due to changes in individual state laws.

For international customers, it is the responsibility of the customer to pay any sales tax, duties or other customs fees due in their country upon receipt of the order.

17. Unpaid Orders. Unpaid orders are canceled after 14 days, or within 3 days if our attempts to contact the customer for payment do not receive a response. The MRP Store will attempt to contact the customer to complete the order using the supplied e-mail and/or contact phone number.

18. Due to constant problems with theft and breakage MRP Store will no longer be shipping out fishing rods. These will be only available for pick up in our physical store address.

19. The MRP Store Right to Refuse Service. The MRP Store, in our sole discretion, reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, with or without cause or reason.

Dated from 1/8/2022
Mystic Reel Parts, 965 Radio Road, LEHT NJ 08087 www.mysticparts.com

NOTE: Formerly part of Scott’s Bait & Tackle, MRP Store is now a separate entity, and the while the bait shop is permanently closed, our parts and repair store continues and is still owned by the same family that has owned both stores since 1985. We thank you for your continued patronage.

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