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SBT = Scott's Bait & Tackle (
MRP = Mystic Reel Parts ( )
Referred to herein as "SBT & MRP Stores"

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This is for several reasons, mostly:

  • 1) Our postal rates last updated 2016 and current rates are much higher.
  • 2) Changes in worldwide customs/dutyfees/taxes for internet orders.
  • 3) Losses and delays in transit worldwide.
  • 4) Constant problems with complaints about the above from customers.

We are a small business and cannot maintain this, so we are chosing to stop shipping internationally. To our good customers worldwide, we are truely sorry that we can no longer assist you.

Third Party Shippers, Freight Forwarders and Hand Carry:

International customers located in CANADA only, please contact us to discuss shipping.

We ARE shipping in the United States to all locations and to APO/FPO military addresses.

All other international customers, see the information below regarding the use of 3rd Party Shipping Companies Located in the United States.

We will ship to USA addresses.


About 3rd Party Shipping Companies:
You can make an account with a 3rd party shipping company. These companies can handle all applicable VAT (taxes) and other paperwork for shipping your USA orders to your country. They may even have options to prepay for customs or duty fees in your country.

We highly recommend that you search out a reputable company if you wish to do this. There are some smaller companies that ship out of the USA but there is risk of fraud/loss etc. if you are not careful with whom you chose to ship through.

Using a freight forwarder to ship or hand-carrying items internationally may result in complications not covered by SBT & MRP Stores.

If a freight forwarder or hand-carrying is used, the following terms will apply:

  • SBT & MRP Stores won't be responsible for damage, defect, material difference, or loss that occurs to goods after they're delivered to you or a freight forwarder. This means that SBT & MRP Stores isn't able to provide a replacement of, or refund for, any such goods delivered to you or a freight forwarder. You should refuse goods that arrive damaged and instruct freight forwarders to do the same, and goods lost after being received by you or the freight forwarder will be your responsibility.
  • If you (or a freight forwarder you so designate) have a U.S. address, purchase goods from SBT & MRP Stores to be shipped to a U.S. location, and then subsequently export the goods, you or the designated freight forwarder are considered the exporter and are solely responsible for compliance with all export and import regulations, including all U.S. export regulations and the import regulations of the destination country. SBT & MRP Stores must not be listed on any export documentation (e.g., export declarations, invoices, packing lists, air waybills, etc.). It is your responsibility to ensure the freight forwarder's most up-to-date U.S. address is used.
  • If you (or a freight forwarder you so designate) do not have a U.S. residence and purchase goods from SBT & MRP Stores to be shipped to a U.S. location, you or the designated freight forwarder may not subsequently export the goods without prior written authorization from SBT & MRP Stores.
  • LOSS AFTER DELIVERY TO THIRD PARTY: Customer Beware, Proceed At Your Own Risk! The SBT & MRP Stores will only accept delivery responsibility directly to the shipping address you have supplied to us. If you chose to ship via a third party shipping company, we are only responsible up to the point of delivery to that third party shipping address.
    We are not responsible if the delivery is completed by our shipping company to the third party shipping company and they subsequently lose that delivery before completing their responsibility to you, the customer.
    We will not reship an order to a third party shipping company that is marked as delivered by USPS or UPS.
    Third Party in this instance is defined as: Family, Friend, Work, Hotel, Postal Store, Frieght Forwarding Company, etc., basically any location that is not your home residence.
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