Reel Repair Rates (*As of 10/20/16 we are NO LONGER SERVICING REELS)

Scott's B&T/ is no longer
a repair center at this time

As of 10/20/16 we are NO LONGER SERVICING REELS

We will complete repairs on the reels / repair orders that we have currently received.

Local drop-off/pickup 08087 reel repairs:

If you are local and just want somewhere you can drop off and pick up your reel when done, there are these locations:

Where to get repairs done all over the USA:

We highly recommend checking in with some of the guys that frequent the forums. This forum is all about reel repair and full of some excellent technicians.

Here is the link to the Reel Repair Service Centers section of the forum:
The first pinned thread in that section is for Alan's repair...he specializes in conventional reels. There are multiple other threads below it for the other various gentlemen doing repairs. Click on each thread to read up on them and see who you'd like to use (they are all over the country and some even in other countries)

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